Intl’ Travel



Whether it is vacationing with your family or attending an important business meeting, we all know that international travel can be demanding on the human body. International travel is known for altering your normal sleep patterns, changes in your normal diet and a transformation of your home environment. Many unforeseen events can arise during your international travels, but becoming sick from drinking “foreign” water shouldn’t be one of them. Clean water consumption should not be a concern while traveling or vacationing overseas, and BugOut® Water Filtration systems offer you a solution for your clean water demands.

First, our BugOut® Water Bag is compact and will easily store in your checked or carry-on luggage bag.  It is approximately 13” long by 4” in diameter.  Secondly, the filters have been tested by some of the most prestigious institutions such as John Hopkins University Laboratory, Abbot Laboratory in South Africa, and the University of Chihuahua in Mexico, to name a few.  It removes 100% of Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Giardia and more (see our FAQ page for more details on filter efficacy).  Lastly, it is silver impregnated so you can use the filter, stop usage, and restart usage without concerns of bacteria growing within the filter itself. This allows you to use your filter on multiple trips, not matter how long it has been since you last used the filter.

BugOut® Water Filtration Systems have been used for overseas use for years!  It makes sense to use BugOut® filters when travelling abroad to assure your water is clean and more like the water you drink at home.  As an added bonus, with proper care, the BugOut® Water Bag can provide clean drinking water for you, your family, and/or colleagues every time you travel for years to come.  And all for the price of your cable bill for one-month.