In the midst of a disaster or crisis is NOT the time to start preparing for your clean water requirements. We encourage and offer BugOut Water® Filteration Systems for your proactive water planning needs. No one ever expects to be a victim of a hurricane, flood, earthquake, extended power outage, you name it! However, there are many Americans who have recent stories that they were told by city officials that their “tap water is simply unusable”. When they went to the store to get bottled water, the store shelves were empty. When they boiled their water, they did it wrong and they became ill.  Because you cannot predict when or where a disaster will occur, you CAN predict that your BugOut Water® Filtration Systems will be your “clean water insurance” during a disaster.

Because both boiling and storing water is challenging (especially during a disaster), why not give yourself the ability to FILTER any unclean water from virtually ANY WATER SOURCE, into clean, potable drinking water? BugOut® Water Filtration Systems can provide you, your family and your neighbors clean drinking water for months and months, and all for as little as your one-month cable bill!

Hundreds of thousands of these filters have been extensively used in disaster and humanitarian relief in over 60 countries. They have also been tested by some of the most prestigious institutions such as John Hopkins University Laboratory, Abbot Laboratory in South Africa, and the University of Chihuahua in Mexico, to name a few.  They remove 100% of Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Giardia and more (see our FAQ page for more details on filter efficacy).  They are silver impregnated so you can use the filter, stop usage, and restart usage without concerns of bacteria growing within the filter itself.  See the filters in action in Haiti following this link

BugOut® Water Filtration Systems have been exposed to many non-developed countries and disaster environments and conditions. These systems have proven time and time again that they will turn ANY dirty water situation successfully into clean, potable, drinking water for many. For the cost of your cable bill, you can have a BugOut® Water Filtration System in your basement/closet/shelf and be fully prepared for any water demand or need you may have in the unpredictable future. When planning for a disaster, the best thing you can buy is a “peace of mind”…and confidently knowing that BugOut® Water Filtration Systems will give you and your loved ones clean water in the face of any unforeseen event.