BugOut® Water Bag



The BugOut® Water Bag is designed for easy transport and quick setup to provide safe drinking water from questionable water sources.  We call it “The Water Anywhere Bag!”  A dual ceramic filter technology, enclosed in a protective cage, ensures a safe, portable drinking water system.  When encountering dirt and debris in highly turbid water, the BugOut® Water Bag utilizes a dual 5 micron fiber “socks”that provide excellent pre-filter screening of large particle dirt and debris.  The dual gravity-fed 2.5″ x 4.5″ filter set with activated carbon can produce an amazing 10 gallons per hour over the life of the filters.  The filter set is housed inside a sturdy, water-proof, food grade bag.  The entire unit packs into a tight, 13″ x 4” roll secured by Velcro straps.  A three foot drain tube is included.  No additional parts required.  2.5 gallon capacity.  Less than 2 lbs.


BugOut® Bucket Filter System


Bucket Filter 3

The BugOut® Bucket System includes a 4″ x 4″ ceramic water filter with a 5 micron sock.  The system includes three (3) 4 gallon food grade buckets (one for carry water or washing).  Buckets are pre-drilled for immediate assembly and two (2) bucket cover lids.  Flow rate up to 1 gallon of clean water per hour.

BugOut® Superbucket Combo


BugOut Water Bag Components

Bucket Filter 3


The best of both worlds!  Includes a BugOut® Water Bag and the BugOut® Bucket Filter System PLUS spare filters for both to have redundancy.