How Do The Filters Work?

The BugOut® filters use ceramic impregnated with silver and activated charcoal (for taste) to filter the water.  Using an organic material such as ceramic to purify water seems logical.  Clean water that comes from a well has been treated by the earth and the water passing through dirt, sand, and rock.  These same organic materials are used to create the ceramic filter.  Thankfully, the filter speeds up the process!

Many other filters on the market today use plastics or other materials to create .2 micron openings.  BugOut® Water Filters are organic.  In addition, many competitors filters require backwashing which can be a challenging and time consuming.  BugOut® Filters require a quick clean if the flow rate is slow but it can be done in minutes and is as easy as wiping a countertop.

For more details about the filters, please visit our FAQ page (Click Here).

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